Copenhagen, Denmark

Ambien Cheapest Online Geranium has been hands down my best and favorite fine dining experience. It is the only 3 Michelin starred restaurant in Copenhagen and has retained its rating since 2016.

Zolpidem Online Prescription The restaurant is located on the eighth floor of the Parken soccer stadium, home of FC Copenhagen. You can also find Fælledparken, which is the largest park in Copenhagen nearby, with views overlooking the park when seated inside. See photos of the entire meal below!

Order Zolpidem Uk The main dining room and view that you see after entering from the elevator. On the right hand side, you’ll see views of Copenhagen from the 8th floor. Starting off the meal with some bubbles First appetizer – Lobster, goat milk, juice from fermented carrots & sea buckthorn Leaves of crispy artichoke, walnut oil & pickled walnut leaves “Razor Clam” – Razor clam tartare, tarragon, parsley, edible shell that takes 72 hours to make

Cheap Zolpidem Online Soup from dried ceps with pears and walnuts

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Scallop “red stones” and horseradish
First juice course of Granny Smith apples, Elderflower, egg white & fresh thyme
Celeriac baked in its own juice, dried mussels, sol & juice from smoked yogurt
Second juice pairing – Green tea & tarragon
Part 1 of trout served 3 ways – Creamy trout with sauce from grilled & fermented cauliflower
Part 2 of trout served 3 ways – Dried trout in a tartlet
Part 3 of trout served 3 ways – Cured with juniper aroma
“Marbled” hake, caviar & buttermilk
Third juice pairing – Apple, Jerusalem artichoke & oolong tea from Northeast China
Bread course – Crispy grains, bread with old grains & bread with seeds
Oven roasted vegetables, smoked egg yolk & melted “Vesterhavs” cheese
Fourth juice pairing – Cherry juice with Söl (seaweed from Iceland)
Grilled Limfjords oyster (slowly grown in cold water) in sauce of dried oyster, seaweed and parsley
Fifth juice pairing – Blackberries and beech wood
Deputy restaurant manager, Mattia, serving us some of the delicious bread course
Wild duck, pickled blackcurrant leaves, juniper & aromatic herbs
Quick break by getting a tour of the restaurant. Fermentation and meat aging room
Another dining space within Geranium
One of the prep stations overlooking the Parken Soccer Stadium
Back to more eating and starting the dessert portion! Beetroot, blackcurrant, yogurt & tagetes
Wood sorrel
Herbs of the Forest – Tree made of prune purée, cream of woodruff, sorel & mint oil
Last juice pairing – Sparking cloudberries
Caramel with roasted grains & frozen chamomile tea
Honey glazed apples & crispy honey biscuit
Fallen apples, ice cream from beeswax & pollen with crispy honey
Chocolate with licorice
Green egg with pine
Marshmallow with rosehip
Hand pressed espresso to top the meal off

At just about $400 per person, eating at Geranium is definitely a splurge, to say the least. Wine or juice pairing is separate and ranges anywhere from 1,000 DKK (~$145) to 15,000 DKK (~$2,182) for the most rare and unique wine pairing. If you are into fine dining, you won’t regret this experience. It was truly unforgettable with impeccable service.
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