https://www.loveessex.co.uk/hotels/no-location/pt5c7lu Rae is the founder of Ladies Who Lift, an all female strength training class, workshop and online training system. She grew up as a dancer, but decided she didn’t want to pursue this anymore and was looking for something else she could do with her body. She tried an endless list of fitness classes, but nothing seemed to ehlp. It wasn’t until she picked up a heavy weight that she felt satisfied. At the time, Rae was working crazy hours in an art department for film and video. She was so unhappy that she would come home crying every day and knew it was time to change careers. The gym had always been her favorite place, so she went onto Craigslist and looked for the first available job at a gym.


Fitness is a very important part of my own life and I actually met Rae at my gym. She was always an excellent trainer, very attentive and always proactively helping people correct their form to get the most out of each exercise. I was extremely happy for her when she started up her own workout classes and program, but also selfishly didn’t want her to stop training at my gym haha.

I know firsthand how intimidating and overwhelming it can be to start working out at a gym. It’s hard to know where to start, if you’re doing things correctly or just not feeling confident in that setting. What I love most about Ladies Who Lift is that Rae has created an environment that empowers women to live healthier and happier lives. https://www.loveessex.co.uk/hotels/no-location/hx53g1f1





https://www.harrisonbrook.co.uk/ahi658ygfy https://www.wellmasters.co.uk/gg2lytbu866 Rae’s Q&A:

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  • https://houseofillusion.com/mo52ucz6fu What are some of the biggest misconceptions about weight training?:  Lifting weights and especially heavy weights will make you big and bulky. Therefore they stick to group fitness and cardio based workouts. The notion that this type of training will make you unfeminine is simply not true and a tired misconception. Women are afraid to build muscle mass, even though ultimately it is what they need to gain the “tone” they desire and lose the weight they want to.
  • https://lakrafteriadecorazon.com/umqbrhustbq How has working out and training influenced you?:  Working out and training has turned me into a disciplined and confident person. There are so many things that I prove it to myself inside the gym but so seamlessly transition to my life outside the gym as well. it has changed my life I’m so many ways.
  • https://mariamore.com/gwudtrk Why did you start LWL?:  I decided to start LWL because I wanted to make a space for women to get educated about working out and lifting heavy. I had never seen another workout class that wasn’t about the more and the faster. I wanted to make that class.
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