This past April, I was honored to be able to stay at the invite only La Casona at Hacienda Patrón.  It’s a colonial style building with 20 rooms located in the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico.  As someone that has a deep appreciation for spirits and how they are produced, my favorite part of the trip was visiting one of the agave fields and learning about how much goes into creating each bottle of tequila.  

Patrón goes through great lengths to ensure the highest quality and sweetest agave.  It all starts with the agave farms and the families that own and work them.  They have long standing contracts with families that have experience growing and harvesting agave for decades.  Each agave plant has to grow for a minimum of six years before it can be harvested.  Once the agave has ripened, the leaves and exterior are cut as close to the piña (also known as the heart) as possible, to remove the bitter tasting parts.  This leaves the highest sugar content for each piña.

Back at the distillery, the agave is chopped by hand and then baked in a brick oven.  The juices are extracted by using a tahona to crush the agave hearts.  It’s then fermented, distilled and still bottled by hand.

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