KELLY KELLY Kelly is a commercial photographer with an insanely beautiful studio located in the West Loop.  Seriously, if you’re into food photography or photography in general, her studio and props are unreal.  It’s not just the physical space that is so unique, though. Her studio is an extension of who she is – warm, welcoming …

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MIKE Mike is a Marketing Researcher by trade that fell in love with ramen while living in Japan. You may know him better as “Ramen_Lord”, which started off as a tongue-in-cheek name, but has become synonymous with his extremely popular ramen popup, Akahoshi. His popup is based in Chicago, but has made appearances in Atlanta, … MIKE Read More »


ERIKA Erika AKA @CheeseSexDeath is a sexy cheese gothic goddess, all things you never thought you would hear to describe a person, but hey, it works!  Her knowledge and passion for cheese is so apparent that you can’t help but get excited when you listen to her describe the flavor notes of each cheese and … ERIKA Read More »

MARGARET MARGARET Margaret is the co-owner and executive chef of Thattu restaurant, which focuses on Indian street food from the state of Kerala. She wasn’t always in the restaurant industry. For more than 12 years, she worked in financial services, pharmaceutical and marketing. She was let go of at her last job and it hit her …

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AYA Aya is the Executive Pastry Chef at Maple & Ash and etta and also owns her own bakery located in West Town.  She was born in Japan and moved to Boston when she was 9 years old. Aya always had a sweet tooth and grew up with a family that loved and appreciated food. …

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KRISTINA Kristina is one of the co-founders of Small Talk Hospitality and the General Manager of Lone Wolf (It’s one of the best bars in the city along with some of the best thin crust pizza you can find).  She originally started bartending as a way of meeting more people to get their stories. She …

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TIM + GENIE As I set up my photography gear, Tim and Genie calmly discuss the dishes that they will be preparing for our photoshoot, outlining each step of their process. I can’t help but notice how tranquil their tones are – it’s like they’ve had a million of these types of conversations before. Both …

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